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I specialise in helping people who are going through a separation, whether that be in a marriage, civil partnership or cohabitation situation. My focus is helping them to resolve the financial aspects of that separation, which means working with them to achieve a fair division of assets so they can move forward.

I have chosen throughout my career to specialise in two key areas of Family Law: the other is acting for parents where there is intervention in their parenting by the Local Authority, often in complex cases and on many occasions with an aspect of non-accidental injury. This ensures parents in the most difficult and stressful of circumstances have proper representation and their cases are fairly heard.

These two very different areas of Family Law are united for me by the shared need of my clients for problem solving within a difficult situation. This is the aspect I enjoy and which motivates me to work with each individual towards the right outcome for them.

I recently acted for a party divorce proceedings, where the assets were significant but there was material non—disclosure by the other party. By implementing financial remedy proceedings and using the tools within that litigation, I was able to ensure full financial disclosure, resulting in a fair share of all available assets to secure my client’s financial future.

I was recently instructed by a client in an application at the Court of Appeal, involving a complex and untested point of law on findings of sexual abuse, establishing the appropriate definitions.

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