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When you are experiencing problems in your relationship, your children are often your main concern. During a separation, you are still a parent and it is necessary that your child is able to adjust to a new situation with support. It is important that you can find a practical, workable solution in disputes over children that often arise in the process of divorce or separation.

At Brighton & Hove Law, we can work with you to ensure that your child’s needs are prioritised, with the aim of minimising the effects of the separation on their wellbeing. We are experienced in dealing with a wide range of issues relating to children, and recognise the need to deal with them sensitively. Please contact us if you think you need assistance in disputes over your child during this process.

How can any disputes be resolved?

It is better for any dispute about a child to be resolved voluntarily, which is the conclusion we aim to come to. However, it sometimes becomes necessary for issues to be determined by a judge. A court may make an order that will vary dependent on what the dispute is, and we can advise you based on the specific circumstances of your situation. These orders may be:

  • Child arrangement order
  • Parental responsibility order
  • Prohibited steps order
  • Specific issue order
  • Orders made in relation to a child’s passport

If you think that your child may be at risk of being removed permanently from your jurisdiction, please contact us urgently so emergency prohibited steps orders can be put in place for protection.

If you are involved with social services, or your child is being taken into care, please see elsewhere on our website for more information.

Client Testimonials

Samantha Barker is extremely experienced and able. Samantha turns her hand to a wide range of children work, particularly care work achieving outstanding outcomes for a variety of clients who often present as extremely vulnerable. The team at Brighton and Hove Law have a wide breadth of practice which is second to none.

Kristina Hopper, Barrister

Thanks very much for all your sterling help through what has been a horrible time.

Mrs M  –  Brighton 

Even though I am not your client, I would like to thank you for your prompt responses and the help you have provided.

I would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a family lawyer.

Ms S – Brighton

Lucy is a robust, calm and thoughtful solicitor with an amazing eye for detail and sound judgement. She is a strategic thinker who is excellent with clients, approachable, empathetic and gives clear advice that is always focused on a pragmatic outcome. She goes above and beyond to assist clients and is top-tier.

Ben Earle, Barrister

Jennifer Lynch is astute, efficient and very effective. She builds up a good rapport with her clients and can be relied on to deliver in every case.

Gerardine Buckley, Barrister

Thank you for all your help Sarah. I would not have got to this point on my own without your help. I appreciate everything you’ve done and the way you have always been so approachable and understanding of my situation. Without having you there this past year, I would be in a much more anxious and unhappy state of mind – and I would have felt helpless and unable to speak during the hearings.

Ms G

I had a protracted and complicated divorce and I could not have wished for a better solicitor. The divorce process and all the associated financial negotiations are complex and come at a time when you are emotionally fraught, stressed and at a low ebb. Having a solicitor who is fair, firm and practical and clearly explained the options at every stage makes such a huge difference.

Lucy enabled me to balance getting the fairest settlement with retaining a workable relationship with my ex. There were no surprise, superfluous bills or actions taken that I wasn’t 100% comfortable with, which is so important.

She was available to chat on the phone and I far preferred dealing with one solicitor, who personally knew my case, rather than going via a larger firm where you do not receive such a focused, expedited approach.

I would 100% recommend Lucy to my closest friends and family.

Ms S – Hove

Sarah Dummett goes well beyond the extra mile every time. Her clients are really well supported and guided by her as they navigate their way through the often challenging legal process.

Gerardine Buckley, Barrister

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