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What is family mediation?

Please note we do not offer family mediation services, but can work with professionals who do. Though we do not offer mediation services, at Brighton & Hove Law, where appropriate, we will work alongside professionals that practise mediation and will outline the pros and cons of this process to you so that informed decisions can be made as to whether this is a process you wish to engage in.

In the right circumstances, mediation can provide the opportunity to make your own decisions about child arrangements or finances in a balanced manner that prioritises the wellbeing of any children involved and reduces the stress of the situation. The mediator does not provide any legal advice to either party but rather is there to facilitate the discussions between you and your ex-partner. Mediation can, in certain circumstances, avoid potentially drawn out or expensive court proceedings. Mediation is not right for everyone and it is important if you are thinking about engaging in the mediation process that you are aware of your rights and responsibilities; mediators will encourage both parties to ensure they receive their own independent legal advice.

If mediation has not been a successful process for you, we are able to help you in the next steps of your separation process and advise you of alternative options for resolving matters.


Client Testimonials

Thank you for all your help Sarah. I would not have got to this point on my own without your help. I appreciate everything you’ve done and the way you have always been so approachable and understanding of my situation. Without having you there this past year, I would be in a much more anxious and unhappy state of mind – and I would have felt helpless and unable to speak during the hearings.

Ms G

Lucy is a robust, calm and thoughtful solicitor with an amazing eye for detail and sound judgement. She is a strategic thinker who is excellent with clients, approachable, empathetic and gives clear advice that is always focused on a pragmatic outcome. She goes above and beyond to assist clients and is top-tier.

Ben Earle, Barrister

Sarah Dummett goes well beyond the extra mile every time. Her clients are really well supported and guided by her as they navigate their way through the often challenging legal process.

Gerardine Buckley, Barrister

It is always a pleasure to receive a brief from Jennifer Lynch and Lucy Gregory. They are detailed and helpful which greatly assists in the through prep of a case. Their robust approach and collaborative working is reassuring for clients and energising to work with.

Sarah Dummett and Ellie Chapman provide a first class, client focused service. Their advice and approach is accessible while robust.

Ayisha Robertson, Barrister

Samantha Barker is a highly driven solicitor, who is passionate about client care. She goes over and beyond to serve her clients and is meticulous in preparation of highly sensitive and serious cases. I am always fully instructed by her within childcare family proceedings and find that her case management and follow up of the proceedings, is highly professional. Ms Barker is highly motivated in obtaining the best outcome for her clients.

Aisha Jamil, Barrister

It is a breath of fresh air to encounter such a dedicated and experienced Family Law Team at Brighton and Hove Law who service a broad spectrum of family work, especially supporting and advising parents whose children are subject to public law proceedings. Their dedication to clients who require special care, support and protection is unrivalled. As part of that team, Samantha Barker shows a real depth of experience and knowledge of family law and will pursue cases boldly and vigorously often achieving positive results which at the outset looked very unlikely.

Mark Love, Head of Chambers

Dear Jennifer,

I would just like to say a massive thank you to you and your team. I am so pleased that you have represented me and helped me win my children back into my life. Your legal advice is second to none and you are very approachable. This made me feel very comfortable and confident throughout.

Mr R 

Sarah Dummett and Ellie Chapman provide a first class, client focused service. Their advice and approach is accessible while robust.

Ayisha Robertson, Barrister

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