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What is a financial remedy?

The term financial remedy refers to the manner in which finances are allocated during a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership. At Brighton & Hove Law, we are committed to protecting your finances at the end of a relationship and ensuring your future needs are met. We can offer our assistance in the complex financial settlements involved in high net worth divorce. Equally, we can assist you if the assets in question are minimal; we prioritise cost proportionality and deal with each case individually. Our advice ranges from assistance with tracking down assets and dealing with offshore accounts to issues regarding trusts and international property.

How does it work?

At Brighton & Hove Law, we aim to avoid expensive protracted litigation wherever possible. In terms of cost effectiveness, we recommend attempting to come to a conclusion together wherever possible. We aim to initially prioritise effective negotiation, and if necessary, can proceed to litigation. In some cases, an application to the Court may be necessary to protect a clients position, though it is worth noting this is not the only option.

Do you need our help?

Contact us if you have any questions regarding the process and we can offer our expert advice to ensure the best possible outcome for your specific circumstances.

Client Testimonials

Thank you for all your help Sarah. I would not have got to this point on my own without your help. I appreciate everything you’ve done and the way you have always been so approachable and understanding of my situation. Without having you there this past year, I would be in a much more anxious and unhappy state of mind – and I would have felt helpless and unable to speak during the hearings.

Ms G

I had a protracted and complicated divorce and I could not have wished for a better solicitor. The divorce process and all the associated financial negotiations are complex and come at a time when you are emotionally fraught, stressed and at a low ebb. Having a solicitor who is fair, firm and practical and clearly explained the options at every stage makes such a huge difference.

Lucy enabled me to balance getting the fairest settlement with retaining a workable relationship with my ex. There were no surprise, superfluous bills or actions taken that I wasn’t 100% comfortable with, which is so important.

She was available to chat on the phone and I far preferred dealing with one solicitor, who personally knew my case, rather than going via a larger firm where you do not receive such a focused, expedited approach.

I would 100% recommend Lucy to my closest friends and family.

Ms S – Hove

Thanks very much for all your sterling help through what has been a horrible time.

Mrs M  –  Brighton 

Thank you very much Sarah – it feels really good that everything is done and dusted. I can’t believe it was so simple really – thank you for all your support!
I have been recommending you and will continue to do so.

Mrs D – East Sussex

Sarah Dummett and Ellie Chapman provide a first class, client focused service. Their advice and approach is accessible while robust.

Ayisha Robertson, Barrister

Lucy provided services as my solicitor long-distance. I was residing in the US while my case was ongoing in the UK court. I had the pleasure of meeting her face-to-face for an initial consultation before my return to the US and she was very professional in all correspondence until matters came to a conclusion.

She was always very happy to answer questions thoroughly and schedule long-distance phone calls when I requested them. She has a very kind and professional nature. Needless to say, she made what could have been an exhausting process extremely painless. I highly recommend her.

Ms S 

I received a very good and prompt service and I would recommend you to my friends.

Ms W

Thank you very much for your help, you were fantastic, and I really appreciate how you have handled matters in such a professional and quick manner

Mr G

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