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Once more Brighton & Hove Law has supported this great cause by providing monetary help to allow several children and their families to attend a wonderful Circus afternoon.

Dear Supporter,

Thank you for your amazing support of Circus Starr, the circus with a purpose!

Your kind contribution will enable us to continue making a difference in your community. Since 1987 we have been touring the UK, sharing magical moments with those who need it most.

We invite children who are vulnerable, disabled and disadvantaged to come along to our show with their families and experience an enchanting world where inclusion comes first. We understand how inportant and inspiring how live arts can be, and that’s why we bring a world class show with a difference.

Each of our shows are accessible, inclusive and fun! Whether it is a ramp for wheelchair access or the freedom to dance and shout out, we bring a relaxed performance that is suitable for all and we see the impact it can make. A trip to our circus may only last an afternoon but the memories last a lifetime, and we couldn’t do it without you.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely, Michelle Crossley

Our generous support spreads magic to those who really need it most in our community.

Here are some of the comments left by the children that attended the event and their parents or institutions:



“Bereaved siblings often get forgotten but being able to provide circus tickets helps them to feel remembered, treated and special. Family fun is so important” A Sibling’s Wish

“Our daughters loved it. Isla’s wheelchair gave us ringside seats too. Both sisters can enjoy the show together with no judgements”

“Thanks to all for providing a little bit of magic to our families who have suffered and witnessed domestic abuse at first hand” Wirral Women and Children’s Aid

“As a professional working in the charity sector, events that are free are a boon…one’s that are free and such high quality are gold dust”
RNIB participation officer

“Lots of laughter, smiley faces and feeling of well-being. The children were mesmerized!” Barnardos

“It enables fun, growth of social skills, chances to build friendships and grow creative networks. It makes the impossible possible for some families!” Asperger’s Children & Carers Together


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