Sharland and Gohil win appeals in the Supreme Court

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The win appeals of Alison Sharland and Varsha Gohil have been unanimously allowed by the Supreme Court demonstrating the need for full and frank disclosure from all parties involved.

Regarding Sharland, Lady Hale stated that the case was one of fraud. It was clear that the judge would not have made the consent order would not have been for Mr Sharland’s fraud, and therefore it should be set aside.

In order to read the win appeals, for the full Sharland judgment, please visit the Family Law Week’s website on Sharland judgment.

For the Gohil judgment, please Family Law Week’s website on Gohil judgment.

The solicitor for both wives stated that “Dishonesty in any legal proceedings should not be tolerated. We are thrilled that Supreme Court has confirmed that the Family Court is not an exception to the general rule and that it is no more acceptable to lie there than it is in any other court.”

The Chair of Resolution also stated that “The success of Mrs Sharland and Mrs Gohil today is a clear indicator that anything less than full and frank disclosure of assets in divorce cases will net be tolerated by the courts […]”

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