Retirement income: another cost of divorce

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A study by insurers Prudential has shown that those who are planning on retiring in 2015 who have previously been divorced will have a lower expected retirement income than those who have never divorced.

The average expected retirement income is £15,700 for divorcees, compared with £17,800 for those who have never experienced a marriage breakdown. That’s a difference of £2,100 per year on average.

20% of divorcees will retire with outstanding debts, averaging £22,100, as opposed to a slightly smaller average debts for those who have never been divorced, of around £21,700.

The research also shows that divorcees approaching retirement are more likely to delay the date of their retirement than those who have never been divorced.

Furthermore, 19% of retires who have previously divorced are likely to live with an income below £9,500 – the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) minimum income standard for a single pensioner. Only 14% of non-divorcees expect to live below this line.

Claire Moffat, a pensions specialist at Prudential said:

“Unfortunately divorce is most likely among those ages 40-44, the period in many people’s lives when earning potential peaks and the most valuable pension contributions can be made.”

“The support of a professional financial adviser or retirement specialist should help ensure that any financial decisions taken have the least possible impact on incomes available later in life.”

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