Racism has no place in our society

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“George Floyd’s death has caused outrage around the world and exposed injustices and inequalities.

“As well as expressing sadness and sympathy it is vital we use this difficult time to reflect on the actions we must all take to tackle discrimination, as individuals, firms, businesses and communities.

“The Law Society and the solicitors’ profession strive to ensure access to justice, equality for all under the legal system and to promote the rule of law. Racism and all forms of discrimination and prejudice have no place in our justice system – or in any other aspect of society.

“We will continue to promote diversity and inclusion in the legal profession, combat any instances of racism or prejudice in the sector and stand against injustice.

“Let us unequivocally add: Black Lives Matter!”

Simon Davis, Law Society of England and Wales president, David Greene, Law Society vice president, I. Stephanie Boyce, Law Society deputy vice president and Paul Tennant, Law Society chief executive.

Read the full article about racism on The Law Society website.

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