Hippy millionaire’s unemployed ex-wife wins £300k share of his fortune

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You may remember the article posted in relation to this case Vince v Wyatt: The Supreme Court’s controversial decision and the recurrent article with the court’s decision Remember Vince v Wyatt? Now you can witness the court’s decision for yourself.

It has now been decided by the Court and the ex-wife did receive an award despite the length of time between the separation and the wife bringing the claim.

In a landmark court ruling, the ex-wife has won a £300,000 share of her ex-husband’s fortune – more than two decades after they divorced.

Kathleen Wyatt, 55, had earlier demanded a £1.9 million payout from Dale Vince, 53, although she did not lodge a maintenance claim until more than 25 years after they had separated, and nearly 20 years after their divorce.

The Supreme Court awarded her a £300,000 share of his fortune, which will include legal costs.

Mr Vince is a former New Age traveller who became a millionaire businessman through his company Ecotricity, which he launched years after the couple parted.

Mr Vince, who last year said his ex-wife was ‘cashing in on an old lottery ticket’, described the ruling as ‘mad’.


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