DIY divorce form could lead to more adultery accusations, lawyers warn

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A new “DIY” divorce form designed to speed up the process could lead to thousands more people being accused of adultery, lawyers warn.

The new form, which was introduced on Monday, prominently includes a dedicated section for a petitioner to fill in the details of “the person your partner committed adultery with”.

Anyone named on the form becomes party to the case and receives a letter letting them know why – leading to the possibility that many more people could receive documents telling them they have been accused of adultery.

Applicants do not have to name the person they believe tempted their partner to stray – but experts are concerned that many more could fill in the section either through misunderstanding or deliberately, to get back at their former partner.

The new paperwork is meant to make divorce an easier process for the rising number of people who do not hire a lawyer to manage it for them.

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