Court fees for divorce petitions are on the rise

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Court fees increased in April 2015 to £550 although previously in January 2015 the government has said the fees would not increase from £410. The new figure indicates a change of direction and decision by the government.

However the increase in court fee has been questioned a report published by the ‘Justice Select Committee’ (JSC) in early 2016 has criticised the increase in court fees and tribunal fees. By raising such type of fees it can cause doubt for potential divorcing parties and even how they will be able to finance for a divorce to take place. Divorce is very costly and such rises in court fees can cause financial difficulty for couples wanting to divorce.

The increase in court fee can potentially lead to unhappy couples remaining in their marriage because of the difficulty in financing a divorce. However the JSC is working towards proposing that the government lowers the court fee to a commendable amount for anyone to be able to end an unwanted relationship.

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